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OUR Ministries



The local church in Cuenca began sending out church planters in 1994. Since that time we’ve planted over 12 churches in Ecuador and Peru. We began our efforts when John and Marilyn Guido were sent to Peru where they planted churches in Lima, Ayacucho, and Ica.

John and Marilyn returned to Cuenca in 1997 and by 2001 our first Ecuadorian church planters, Raul and Patty Bonifaz, were sent to El Guabo, Ecuador. Since then we’ve sent out church planters to several cities in the southern region of Ecuador.


​We now have 16 churches and mission works in Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

We invite you to share in this work. We need and appreciate your financial support and encourage you to come down on a short or long-term mission. There are many areas where your involvement can make a difference: children’s ministry, evangelism, church planting, medical outreaches, leadership development and Christian schools.

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Family Health Foundation


Family Health Foundation is a network of ministries that is dedicated to helping and serving the underprivileged. We work with medical outreach and a medical clinic to help with their medical needs. La Esperanza serves Venezuelan and impoverished children with meals and other assistance. Finally we have a school that educates children in K-12. 


Bring hope to those in need


We serve an average of 15,000 patients during the 5 to 9 teams we host each year.  We work with different organizations- Global Health Outreach, Forward Edge International, and other North American groups. Our teams are made up of medical and dental specialists from family medicine, cardiology, and pediatrics, to ophthalmology, gynecology, general surgery, and orthopedics.

We focus on communities where medical services are scarce, and the economic situation is precarious. Many of our church plants have benefited from the attention drawn when hosting a medical group. As for the patients, we focus on their emotional and spiritual health, as well as the physical. Our goal is to share the love of God, and the grace of Jesus Christ with each one, offering them a long-term solution to whatever life may bring their way.

We are thankful to be part of a ministry that touches so many lives, and we are privileged to meet and work with so many exceptional professionals and great team members! Come and join us on a team!

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Our Study Abroad PROGRAM


Muyu in the Quechua language means "seed.”  While our staff sows into the lives of our students they in turn are given the chance to sow into Ecuador. Our internship program focuses on cultural and ministerial exchange. We help each student develop and apply the gifts God has given them facilitating their spiritual, emotional and professional growth and development.


The program can be tailored to individual and group needs with flexible dates and schedules and a wide variety of language, cultural, and ministerial opportunities. Students experience the local culture directly both by living with Ecuadorian families and through involvement in the local church and community.




1.    Fill out the APPLICATION FORM attached to this link. 

2.    Read all the requirements. 

3.    Agree to the accompanying code of conduct.

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