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Cuba report and update!

Dear Friends, These have been trying times for all of us, for some much more than others. Thanks to many of you, we have been able to raise over $35,000.00 in funds for those most affected by the pandemic. We were able to send support to the pastors of 8 congregations in Ecuador and to the works in Cuba and Brazil. Also, hundreds of food baskets were distributed to the neediest families in our congregation as well as providing medicines and medical care.

May the Lord bless you for your love and generosity. It has been a great relief and encouragement to many.

It has been inspiring to see the testimonies of many Christian families during this time. Amid losing loved ones and/or having their finances reduced to nothing, they have remained steadfast in their hope and faith in the Lord. It has been a joy to stand with many, sometimes lending a practical hand, in other cases, simply praying with them and encouraging them, and seeing the Lord move miraculously.

The church in Santa Clara, Cuba. Baptisms in the time of Covid-19.

We continue to reach out to Cuba. By the grace of God, their freedom and ability to use the internet has increased significantly and we have enjoyed more constant communication with the leaders during the past few months. After 4 years of improved economic and social conditions, the pandemic has plunged Cuba into the worst crisis that they’ve seen in decades. Public transportation is totally shut down, making it almost impossible to travel between cities. Beginning in April, the government subsidies, which have existed since the beginning of the revolution will be drastically reduced as never before. We have been able to send some help their way, but the need is very great. If you'd like to help the churches in Cuba, please let us know. Here is an interesting CNN report on what Cuba looks like these days cuba-havana-coronavirus-pandemic-lockdown.cnn

Empty streets.....

Marilyn and I, and our extended family are doing very well. We have rejoiced in the protection and provision of God. Yes, 13 of us came down with Covid-19! Although it was the worst and most prolonged flu symptoms most of us had ever experienced, we came through it without fear and without major complications. Our finances have been significantly reduced, but we have enough to get by while continuing to help others.... for this we are very grateful.

Thanks so much to all of you, for your continued faithful, generous support for us and this ministry. Many blessings, John & Marilyn

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