church planting

The local church in Cuenca began sending out church planters in 1994. Since that time we’ve planted over 12 churches in Ecuador and Peru. We began our efforts when John and Marilyn Guido were sent to Peru where they planted churches in Lima, Ayacucho, and Ica.

John and Marilyn returned to Cuenca in 1997 and by 2001 our first Ecuadorian church planters, Raul and Patty Bonifaz, were sent to El Guabo, Ecuador. The local church continued its efforts, sending Fabian and Clara Molina to plant a church in Manta, Ecuador. Since then we’ve continued  sending out church planters to several cities in the southern region of Ecuador.


We reached a new milestone when Robert and Karina Capaldi became our first our first overseas missionaries when they were sent to Naples, Italy in 2017.

We now have over 16 churches and mission works in Ecuador, Italy, Cuba and Brazil.

We invite you to share in this work. We need and appreciate your financial support and encourage you to come down on a short or longterm mission. There are many areas where your involvement can make a difference: children’s ministry, evangelism, church planting, medical outreaches, leadership development and Christian schools.